We know you love your handcrafted Juttis from The Desi Darzi, and you want to keep their extraordinaire beauty for years to come. If you buy quality Juttis and treat them right, they can last a lifetime. Here is a super-practical guide to keep your Jutti looking brand new, every time you wear them.   TIP 1: DON'T WEAR THE SAME JUTTI, 2 DAYS IN A ROW Why?, because it’s not a good idea. The leather-make of your Jutti needs time to rest, and allowing it to do so will increase its lifespan.  


Those beautiful shoe closets on Instagram with neatly placed footwear are a practical reality. We suggest you to not pile your Jutti over one another or stuff them into a box. Doing so dismantles their shape and gives way to those unwanted creases and spots on the face of your Jutti.  


The make and design of most Juttis is such that dust and dirt pile up easily. Regular brushing of the su...
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Beautiful & Branded Wedding Juttis For Bridal | Buy Online

Online Branded Juttis
This is the biggest Session of the wedding and in India Wedding is a precious day for everyone and everyone wants to make this day very very special. With the Bridal every girl wants to look Preeti at all weddings, so why not? you can be easy to look very pretty with TheDesiDarzi.

How To Make Wedding Perfect?

If you wear your favorite Dress and still feeling not complete because of your footwear then stop thinking else. TheDesiDarzi presenting lots of Branded Juttis that make your looks Amazing and you can shine in all Wedding. If you are thinking that your Dress and your makeover will give you an amazing look then you are right but not complete. The best footwear can only complete your look and that can fulfill by designer jutti.   Then why are you compromising with your personality? why you are giving chance to others to look pretty than you. You can be a center of attraction by just your simple step so why you are not taking that step, get the latest designer Punjabi jutt...
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Easy Tips to Care For Your Favourite Designer Jutti In 2020

Online Designer Jutti
We all value the pretty, charming Indian jutti we set aside such a great amount for. While purchasing these high-quality leather juttis, we should likewise realize how to think about them. Here are a few hints and traps to deal with your marvels! Thedesidarzi is having beautiful Punjabi jutti, leather juttis, Punjabi jutti designs and much more.  

How To Store Indian Jutti Easily At Home 

Muslin material is your Jutii's closest companion. Enclose each beautiful Punjabi jutti by muslin – the texture is breathable and is amazingly delicate which will guarantee your embellishments remain in propriety. These are the advantages of all designer jutti so you can easily keep that with you. Thedesidarzi's always trying to give you new design jutti so you can always be stylish. Every designer jutti not need much care so you can use always without any problem. We as a whole know the repulsiveness another pair of shoes brings: Shoe chomps! Stress not, a simple answer for another pair...
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