Hand Crafted by a portion of India’s best craftsmen Thedesidarzi conveys to you a line of handmade fine cowhide juttis that talk the appeal of a genuine outdated craftsman with the structure sensibilities of an advanced, extravagance shoe brand. Along these lines, remaking the jutti! With adoration for the craftsmanship and enthusiasm for recovery of the jutti, Tanya Sharma Launched TheDesiDesi in May 2014.


The fundamental objective behind the ThedesiDarzi Jutti is continuing luxury of a treasure and getting perfection plans just as nature of crude material. Also, that is the reason TheDesiDarzi emerges. In multi year TheDesiDarzi has turned into a main jutti brand universally, getting a charge out of help of a substantial customer base around the world.


Every single pair we deliver you is 100% carefully assembled by a group of very gifted craftsmen and skilled worker to accomplish high proportions of artfulness, excellence, and quality. A multi-level procedure begins with the structures that move from portrayals on to ‘addas’ where they are hand weaved on fabric with extraordinary regard for each bunch and bend. Following which, the fabric is glued on the calfskin covering, and hand sewed on the cowhide soles to transform them into excellent shoes. The clean and smoothening of cowhide, slicing of bends to give the shoe the right shape and sewing the bits of calfskin and material together are finished with huge consideration to give you your ideal shoe. Each pair is quality checked and after that moved to the last period of bundling, which at that point is conveyed to you with adoration!

With each gathering Thedesidarzi dispatches, we challenge ourselves to deliver weavings and plans that break standards and make crisp incredible stories that read with ladies from everywhere throughout the world. What’s more, that is TheDesiDarzi plan stylish.

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